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Updated 5/1/2016 – For your safety, Chuck has ensured the following items are Gluten-Free.  Ordering items from other menus will not ensure those items are Gluten-Free.

Pulled Pork Dinner                                                                                                                  $12.99

Full Slab Rib Dinner                                                                                                                $24.99

½ Slab Dinner                                                                                                                    $16.99

Rib Tips Dinner                                                                                                                             $12.99

Hot Links Dinner                                                                                                                        $11.50

Raw Oysters (No Rockefeller)                                                 ½ Dozen $10.59/Dozen $16.99

Super sampler (No Wings)                                                    2 Meats $16.79/3 Meats $19.79

BBQ Combo (No Wings)                                                                                                        $21.99

Fresh Catch (No Etouffee)                                                                                           Market Price

Cajun Blackened Filet Mignon Tail (No Etouffee)                                                        $19.99

Pulled Chicken Dinner                                                                                                            $12.99

Brisket Dinner                                                                                                                              $15.99

Smoked Chicken Dinner (No Gravy)                                                 1/4 $10.99/ 1/2 $13.99

Super Caesar Salad (No tortilla strips)                                                                       $8.49

Garden Salad (No Croutons)                                                                                     $7.49

Danish Blue Cheese Salad                                                                                            $9.99

Caesar Salad (No Croutons)                                                                                     $7.99


Hot, Mild or North Carolina BBQ sauce (No Honey Chipotle)

Sides: Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Baked Potato


Salad Dressings: Ranch, Garlic, Bleu Cheese, French, Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Red Wine Vinaigrette


***While the above items are gluten free, they are not prepared in a 100% gluten free environment and therefore may contain trace amounts of gluten***

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